2015 Kolisko Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur

Achieve Individual Health and Community Well-being


The Kolisko Conference

The Kolisko conference has taken place in 1992 (Austria), 1994 (UK), 1998 (USA) and 2002 (Finland), with more than 1,000 participants in each of the conference.

In response to the need and interest for Kolisko conference in various regions, in 2006, the Goetheanum has engaged with the local organizations and conducted the Kolisko conference, titled “Education – Health for life”, in 9 countries around the world, including India, South Africa, Philippines, Ukraine, Australia, Mexico, Sweden, France and Taiwan. There were total of 3,600 participants. UNESCO was very supportive of the Kolisko conference. They provided the UN building in Paris as the conference venue for the Kolisko conference in France, and also hosted a forum in discussing the topic of the “World Education and Health” to echo the general assembly at the same time.

2010 in Hawaii titled “Reading the needs of children and understanding the stages of human development – birth to age 21”.

2013 in Taiwan titled “Shaping a sense of community: From blood family to world family” 成家聚社.

2015 in Malaysia titled “Achieve Individual Health and Community Well-being.”


第一次Kolisko大會是在1989年,Eugene Kolisko 醫師50週年逝世紀念會上舉辦。主題為:“溫和的療愈 (Gentle Healing)”,這是首次整合醫師與教師專業的國際會議。並成為歌德館推動”以教育作為預防醫學“的開端。


2006歌德館與全世界九個國家(印度,南非,菲律賓,烏克蘭,澳洲,墨西哥,瑞典,法國和台灣)的地方組織聯合舉辦Kolisko 大會。大會主題為“邁向健康的教育。”總共有3600人出席。

2010年在夏威夷舉辦Kolisko 大會,主題為”理解孩子的需求及人類的發展過程 – 從出生到21歲“ (Reading the needs of Children and understanding the stages of human development – birth to age21)

2013年台灣舉辦的Kolisko大會,主題為 “成家聚社”。

現任歌德館醫學部們負責人Dr Michaela 有感於馬來西亞的人智學與華德福教育的發展,因此促成了馬來西亞2015年Kolisko 大會。


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