2015 Kolisko Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur

Achieve Individual Health and Community Well-being


Conference Schedule:

Kolisko Conf 2015 Timetable final english jpg


Participants will need to choose 1 Parallel Workshops and 1 Parallel Conference.

Parallel Workshops : Art & Practices

  1. Allergy, Children / Youth Diseases
    Workshop Facilitator : Dr Daphne Von Boch
    Workshop Description : We are having new diseaces which are growing in number. We need a new way of understanding them…… more
  2. Biography Work – Overcoming the obstacles of the present.
    Workshop Facilitator : Horst Hellmann
    Workshop Description : Using biographical timeline as an instrument to activate our best feelings, intuitions and…… more
  3. Goetheanistic Observation Exercises
    Workshop Facilitator : Stefan Langhammer
    Workshop Description :  In this course we shall develop our capacity for observation, practicing on selected plants and familiarizing ourselves with what is in front of us… more
    Language : English with small group friendly Chinese Translation
  4. Education of the Will
    Workshop Facilitator : Joan Sleigh
    Workshop Description : Exploring the self-motivating effect of the active engagement of the will in the learning process… more
    Language : English with Chinese Translation
  5. Curative Education on the Basis of Anthroposophic Study of Man
    Workshop Facilitator : Dr Andrea Seemann
    Workshop Description: This workshop will give an introduction to anthroposophic curative education through the introductory presentation and pratical case examples … more
    Language : English with Chinese Translation
  6. Strengthening Our Creative Life -Life and Death in the Balance
    Workshop Facilitator : Chirstopher Guilfoil
    Workshop Description :Working with the upbuilding and collapsing possibilities in clay modeling,
    attention will be brought to the awakened mood of possibility and renewal……more
  7. Art Therapy As A Self-Care Activity and As A Tool To Initiate Constructive Social Processes.
    Workshop Facilitator : Prof Hildrun Rolff
    Workshop Description : An individual and social group encounter with colors, forms and lines. The workshop will give an introduction… more
    Language : English with small group friendly Chinese Translation
  8. Joy of Teaching—Inspiration & Strengthening
    Workshop Facilitator : Astrid Schmitt-Stegmann
    Workshop Description :In this course we will focus on the etheric life forces, and consider how they affect all aspects of the human being… more
    Language: English with Chinese Translation
  9. Why is the music so important to be part of the waldorf curriculum? Music for children and parents.
    Workshop Facilitator : Stephan Kuehne
    Workshop Description : Music is about listening not only with ears but also with heart, with eyes, with all senses of the human being …… more
    Language : English with small group friendly Chinese Translation
  10. Singing as a healing art for community
    Workshop Facilitator : Martina Etterich
    Workshop Description : Singing can be more than a pleasant social music activity. It can lead us to a deeper insight of the nature of sound and ourselves. …… more
    Language : English with small group friendly Chinese Translation
  11. Develop social art skills through drama – Encountering “I”s.
    Workshop Facilitator : Peter Schmidt
    Workshop Description : Encounters in language, movement and improvisation. Working at experiencing space —-inner space, ……. more
  12. Drama and Inner Development
    Workshop Facilitator : David Anderson
    Workshop Description : We use the elements of drama everyday.  These elements – movement,
    gesture, atmosphere, space, image, language…… more
    Language : English with small group friendly Chinese Translation
  13. Artistic Eurythmy as A Way of Healing
    Workshop Facilitator : Lai Hsin-Hsih
    Workshop Description : Forces which exist in in the music and the language are powerful sources of soul expression… more
    Language : English , Chinese
  14. Art History and Cultural Epoch Evolution and its meaning to our time
    Workshop Facilitator : Georg Glöckler
    Workshop Description : Art history, ie Architecture, Sculptures and paintings history are showing in a very public and clear way the development of mankind … more
    Language : German with Englsih Translation
  15. Speech as a Therapeutic Art : An Introduction
    Workshop Facilitator : Sybille Eichstaedt
    Workshop Description :The art of the spoken word is one of the many fields of activity that received new impulses out of Rudolf Steiner’s spiritual research. It has developed into a professional artistic discipline…… more
    Language : English
  16. Biodynamic Agriculture: Nourishing Soil and Soul
    Workshop Facilitator : Hans Mulder
    Workshop Description : The earth is suffering from a world-view and practice, which is causing severe degradation of our agricultural soils in the world…… more
    Language : English with small group friendly Chinese Translation
  17. The impact of art on the children’s well-being
    Workshop Facilitator : Nevo Amit
    Workshop Description : In this experiential workshop we will explore the impact of therapeutic art on the well-being of today’s children… more
    Language : English with small group friendly Chinese Translation

Parallel Conference : Study & Conversation

  1. How can we create a healthy balance between our inner and outer soul life?
    Speaker : Hans Mulder
    Conference Description : When we look at the ecological and social deterioration in the world, we can ask ourselves what role we have played to cause these phenomena? Our unsustainable relation to the world…… more
    anguage : English with small group friendly Chinese Translation
  2. 自由的哲学 (Philosophy of freedom)
    Speaker : Wang Xin (王欣)
    Conference Description : 1922 年,史代纳在与 Walter Stein 的谈话中被问及:“您的哪部著作千年后还会流传?”
    他回答:“《自由的哲学》”…… more
    Language : Chinese
  3. How to find and identify the guiding impulses of the 21st Century?
    Speaker : Georg Glöckler
    Conference Description : What are the guiding impulses for the 21st centuries? What was it in the 20th Century? What was in the 19th century?…more
    Language : German with English Translation
  4. Education towards freedom
    Speaker : Astrid Schmitt-Stegmann
    Conference Description : The young child learns through imitation. We will explore together how imitation can lead to freedom and how the teacher’s capacity… more
    Language : English with Chinese Translation
  5. Magical age of 0-7 and adults’ consciousness toward  children and our lives
    Speaker : Junko Suzumoto
    Conference Description : The period of 0-7 years is the foundation for our whole life. Over the workshop sessions, we will study the development of children during this period and how it connects to later life…… more
    Language : English with Chinese Translation
  6. A Grand Metamorphosis – Developmental education in the middle of childhood: How to support young people in the transition to adolescence in our age of technology?
    Speaker : Chirstopher Guilfoil
    Conference Description : Christopher Guilfoil, visual artist and Waldorf educator, will focus on the role of the visual arts in balancing the virtual technologies of today….. more
  7. Nutrition in the light of Anthroposophy
    Speaker : Dr Hsu Tzu-Miao (许姿妙医师)
    Conference Description : 现代人已逐渐失去辨识好食物与坏食物的本能,却又每天得到各式各样关于营养的讯息,这些讯息快速汰旧换新或自相矛盾或毫无意义甚至对人体有伤害,使得人们不知所措。…… more
    Language : Chinese
  8. Human and Relationship : Marriage & Partnership
    Speaker : Horst Hellmann
    Conference Description : In the journey of marriage and partnership, how to deal with power in human relationship and…… more
    Language : English with small group friendly Chinese Translation
  9. Elder works and care in our time
    Speaker : Rolff Heine
    Conference Description : We live in a time of individualization. Former social structures will not support the life and wellbeing of the elder generation as they did it in the past… more
    Language : English with small group friendly Chinese Translation
  10. The role of money in business and society based on the threefold image of man (also based on literature of Eugene Kolisko!)
    Speaker : Alexander Schwadeler
    Conference Description : The threefold image of man; threefold physiology; those functional principles as the basis for the understanding of social three-folding……more
    Language : English
  • Topics and details of the parallel workshops and conference are subject to changes.
  • Certain workshops and conference have limited seats. Seats are confirmed by first come first serve basis.

2 comments on “CONFERENCE

  1. Bee Yee
    April 8, 2015

    Hi.Could you provide more info on “Education : Health for life . How to educate children towards freedom
    Speaker : Astrid Schmitt-Stegmann”. The link did not show the info. Thanks.


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