2015 Kolisko Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur

Achieve Individual Health and Community Well-being



Eugene Kolisko

  • Who inspired the international Kolisko conference.
  • He was an Austrian physician specialized in preventive medicine who worked closely together with Rudolf Steiner extending health practices consistent with the age specific learning process of body, soul and sprit of the child from kindergarten to the end of school time.

  • He worked as the first school physician and chemistry teacher at the first Waldorf School at Stuttgart. worked in close contact with teachers and students to truly understand the learning process of children.

  • He left an important legacy for the school, the cooperation of teachers, doctors, therapists and parents in service of the healthy development of the individual child.



  • Philosopher, scientist and founder of Anthroposophy (the study of human wisdom)

  • Established various practical endeavors, over 10,000 institutions and initiatives were founded based on these endeavors.

    • Biodynamic agriculture

    • Waldorf education & parenting

    • Anthroposophy medicine, pharmacy, nutrition

    • Curative education, social therapy, psychotherapy

    • Economics, banking

    • Visual arts, performing arts

    • Natural science

    • Architecture


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