2015 Kolisko Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur

Achieve Individual Health and Community Well-being

Alexander Schwedeler

Alexander Schwedeler2

Alexander Schwedeler, 1963, studied economics with a focus on organisational development and human resources. His first work experiences were with Hewlett Packard and Deutsche Bank. In 1999 he joined Triodos Bank, Netherlands, an ethical bank with now more than 1000 employees and member of the Global Alliance For Banking on Values (see triodos.com, and gabv.com). Within Triodos he started and managed a private equity fund for investments in small and medium sized businesses. Later he started and led the German branch of Triodos Bank in Frankfurt. As managing director he was also responsible for lending to ethical and sustainable initiatives, projects and businesses, including schools, renewable energy, environment, the social sector and many others. Since 2014 he is managing director of his own consultancy for leadership, change management, based on a threefold image of man. In his free time he improvises a little Jazz on the piano and loves to read about spirituality, economics and world affairs. He has three grown-up children and lives with his wife in Stuttgart, Germany.

2015 Kolisko Conference Malaysia

Study and Conversation Speaker
Topic : The role of money in business and society based on the threefold image of man (also based on literature of Eugene Kolisko!)




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