2015 Kolisko Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur

Achieve Individual Health and Community Well-being

Christopher Guilfoil

Christopher Guilfoil was born in Munich, Germany in 1956, the first of nine siblings. His early training as a visual artist found new meaning and vocation within the Waldorf movement as a class teacher, high school teacher, art teacher, adult educator, mentor and public speaker. Chris currently works internationally mentoring in Waldorf school communities, conducting seminars and visual arts workshops. He has most recently developed an ongoing relationship with Waldorf schools and teacher training programs in China, Taiwan and Malaysia. Chris is an active member of the Visual Arts Section and Pedagogical Section of the School of Spiritual Science of the Anthroposophical Society centered in Dornach, Switzerland. He is on the Visual Arts Section Council in North America. His home base is in Eugene, Oregon in the United States.


2015 Kolisko Conference Malaysia

Art and Practice Workshop Speaker
Topic : Strengthening Our Creative Life -Life and Death in the Balance


Study and Conversation Speaker
Topic: A Grand Metamorphosis – Developmental education in the middle of childhood: How to support young people in the transition to adolescence in our age of technology?


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