2015 Kolisko Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur

Achieve Individual Health and Community Well-being

David Anderson


David recently performed in WTD’s The Death Show and MONEY; he played Man in The Lost Frontier of America for WTD, Claire in Genet’s The Maids for New Stage Theatre in Pittsfield, and played the Stage Manager in and directed Our Town for WTD/PS21. He played Anton Chekhov in I Take Your Hand and Malvolio in Twelfth Night for WTD. Favorite roles include: Hamlet in the collaborative production of Hamlet – a performance The Independent gave Best Male Actor for 2007, Pale in Burn This, and Roxane in Cyrano. He annually performs a one-man A Christmas Carol, tours with The Gospel of John, and is a member of WTD’s OFF LEASH! Improv Ensemble. He has directed over 40 productions—eighteen Shakespeare plays and, in 2013, WTD and PS21’s Long Ago and Far Away. David has published poetry and written three plays: The Lost Son, Walking the dog, and The Lost Frontier of America. He serves as Executive Artistic Director for WTD.

He is also a trained Waldorf teacher with over 20 years of experience who works with students and teachers in many schools, directing plays and offering teacher development workshops. He gives talks and workshops, especially related to drama and inner development, the art of teaching, and awakening the creative self. Recently he started two 3-year part-time courses in Drama and Inner Development, one in Taichung, Taiwan, and another in Guangzhou, China. In 2015 he will offer new 3-year courses in Beijing, Taipei, and a second one in Guangzhou.


2015 Kolisko Conference Malaysia

Art and Practice Workshop Speaker
Topic : Drama and Inner Development



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