2015 Kolisko Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur

Achieve Individual Health and Community Well-being



Dear Participants,

It is a special joy for me, to invite you to attend the first International Kolisko Conference in Malaysia, where I have had the chance to meet so many highly motivated and culturally open-minded individuals.

The first International Kolisko-Conference was held in 1989 in Stuttgart/Germany, the town in which the first Waldorf School was founded by Rudolf Steiner and blessed by the first Waldorf-School physician Eugene Kolisko, MD. The following Conferences took place in Austria, Great Britain, USA, Finland, France, Sweden, Mexico, Australia, South Africa, Taiwan, Philippines, India, Ukraine and Hawaii. Eugene Kolisko was the first physician, who took the decision, to commit his life to the well-being of children and adults through working together with teachers, students and parents in the service of child`s development starting from early childhood to the end of school time. He became a specialist for child development and primary prevention with the tools of constitutional medical treatment, education and self-education. To honour his pioneer work, we choose his name to symbolise the cooperation of people, who work together in the spirit of serving the next generation – and for healthy social structures, lifestyles and ethical banking, business and agriculture.

This conference is prepared and organised by our friends in Malaysia – out of the challenges, questions and real concerns we face in the 21st century,regionally and globally.

I am very much looking forward to this international encounter of interdisciplinary and exchange of experiences – with warmest regards and gratefulness to the organisation-team, by which this very first Kolisko event in Malaysia becomes possible.

Michaela Glöckler, MD
Head of the Medical Section/Goetheanum
School for Spiritual Science
Dornach, Switzerland



首届国际Kolisko会议于1989年假德国斯图加特(Stuttgart)举行。这里是Rudolf Steiner 创办第一所华德福学校的城市; 而 Eugene Kolisko, MD则是第一位校医。接下来的会议地点移师奥地利、英国、美国、芬兰、瑞典、墨西哥、澳洲、南非、台湾、菲律宾、印度、乌克兰及夏威夷等国。

Eugene Kolisko 是首位决定透过与老师、学生及家长合作,让孩子从幼年到从学校毕业期间获得良好成长和发展的医生;终其一生,他无怨无悔地奉献在谋求儿童及成人健康服务之上。他后来成为儿童发展专家,采用体质医学、教育及自我教育作为主要疾病预防的手段和工具。为了向他的先驱工作致敬,我们选用他的名字以象征为下一代服务而聚焦在一起合作的各领域人士的精神,包括健康的社会结构、生活方式及充满道德的银行、商务及农业等。


Michaela Glöckler, MD谨启


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